Erectile dysfunction: why does it happen?

Erectile dysfunction: why does it happen?Erectile disorder is a constant inability of a man to perform a full-scale sexual act. In normal genital function, a coitus (for a man) presupposes strong venereal desire (libido), sexual caresses, erection appearance, penis entering, making numerous frictions for several minutes resulting in ejaculation and an orgasm coming. Absence of one of these components means impossibility to conduct a full sexual intercourse or, in other words, erectile or ejaculation dysfunction.


Typically, loss of sexual power is not an independent disease but a concurrent condition. Such as, impotency can be caused by endocrine pathologies (diabetes, hypogenitalism), urological conditions, brain cortex injuries. In these cases, erectile dysfunction has an organic origin. The symptoms of organic impotency are:

  • Gradual development of the condition;
  • Absence of spontaneous night erections;
  • Libido and ejaculation are normal;
  • Systematic erection disorders.

Many specialists believe that impotency is connected with neuropsychic disorders – neurosis and neuroticism caused by different diseases, depression. This is psychogenic erectile disorder. Sexual frustration can manifest itself as a side effect of medicine taking like antihypertensive and mind-altering drugs, anticancer medicine. The symptoms of psychogenic impotency are:

  • sudden onset of disease;
  • problems in interpersonal and private relationships;
  • presence of spontaneous night erections;
  • sporadic character of erection problems;
  • erectile function is fully recovered when an exogenous reason is over.

Many men suffering from an erectile disorder try to justify this condition with external factors and hide presence of this problem. Despite the fact that in 95% impotency is successfully cured with proper medications, only 10% of men ask a doctor’s consultation. A sexual partner must help a man overcome the psychological barrier, though effective methods of treatment are prescribed by a healthcare provider only. There are anonymous hotlines and online consultations aimed to answer a man’s questions about erectile dysfunction and provide a patient with all information concerning this delicate problem. More information about erectile disorder is available on


Cialis is a medical preparationCialis is a medical preparation produced in the USA with the aim to treat erectile dysfunction i.e. an inability to reach and maintain erection necessary to conduct a full-fledged sexual contact.

The pharmacological class is PDE-5 inhibitor. The active agent is Tadalafil. The substance provokes relaxation of arterial smooth muscles and penile tissues blood supply what causes erection. Tadalafil has no action without sexual excitement.

The drug improves erection and gives a chance to perform a good sexual intercourse. The action appears in 15-20 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours. Due to this advantage, men often order cialis online.

After intake, Tadalfil is quickly absorbed. Time of administration has no importance.  The medication is compatible with fat meal and alcohol taking. The recommended dose is 20 mg (one pill) a day.

Cialis has no contradictions, it can be taken by patients with diabetes, renal insufficiency and liver disorders.

Advantages of Cialis:

  • fast erection recovery and quick action,
  • it is suitable for a long-term course and does not build up a tolerance,
  • it normalizes blood circulation and promotes testosterone production.


Kamagra oral jelly is an Indian medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. Presentation: jelly in sachets. This form of a drug helps Sildenafil, the active agent, dissolve in a month and quickly absorb into the blood flow. That is why Kamagra starts acting in 10 minutes.

The medicine relaxes unstriated muscles of a penis, widens pelvic blood vessels and enhances circulation, provoking quality and lasting erection. The effect is durable for 6 hours.

One sachet contains 100 mg of Sildenafil; it is a maximum dose which must not be exceeded. If necessary, dosage can be reduced.

Contradictions: nitrate drugs and nitrogen oxide donators taking, individual intolerance. Side-effects are occasional and can show as headache, sickness or nose stiffness.

Causes of ED

Erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is a pathology in which there is difficulty to achieve and maintain an erection. At the same time a man can retain the ability to conduct coitus. When a man is not able to have sexual contact, erectile dysfunction becomes extreme impotence stage. This delicate problem may become a huge psychological trauma for men, especially if he has not yet reached old age. But it should be noted that we can talk about ED if the quality fails to achieve an erection in 25% of intercourse.

Causes of ED

According to the source, among the reasons causing erectile dysfunction, we should distinguish physical and psychological. The physical include:

  • endocrine (organic violation of the process of formulating the male hormone – testosterone, the cause of which can be, for example, genetic predisposition, or swelling)
  • medication (receiving drugs that reduce the production of testosterone, for example, drugs which depress the activity of the brain)
  • trauma or surgery
  • cardiovascular disease, for example, vasoconstriction, going directly to the penis, resulting in elevated levels of blood cholesterol (hypertension), or diabetes
  • the use of high doses of alcohol

Psychological causes:

  • increased anxiety
  • stress
  • violation of the relationship symptoms

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be considered

  • lack of libido
  • lack of erection
  • premature ejaculation
  • appearance and rapid disappearance of erection


TreatmentTo begin the treatment of ED, you need to see a specialist. Only a doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and examinations and properly establish the cause of the disease. If the cause is hormonal, hormone therapy is needed. When vascular disease doctor may prescribe medications to lower cholesterol – statins, will advise the correct diet. Probably, the patient will have to change their way of life- to do exercise, take measures to reduce the weight, quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption. If the causes of erectile dysfunction are in the field of psychology, psychotherapy is help. Normalization of sleep and rest mode, massage and relaxation, natural healing factors – sea air, or vacation in the mountains – can also be very useful in this situation.

Solutions of ED problems can be:

  • using a vacuum pump
  • injection into the corpora cavernosa of the penis, providing longer lasting erections
  • implants
  • a set of special exercise
  • effective natural medicines

Natural alternatives to treat ED

Natural alternatives to treat EDAccording data from and,  natural substances come to help in solving the problem.

  • Ginseng and Rhodiola rosea, called “herbal Viagra”, has successfully passed clinical trials in 2008. Taking these drugs significantly improved sexual function in the control group.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. In men with erectile dysfunction it’s level is lowered. An additional technique helps to correct the problem.
  • L-arginine is a natural substance of the human body. An additional technique helps relax the blood vessels and improves erection. Positive results showed 31% of men in the control group. In combination with the herbal preparation Pycnogenol, L-arginine operates more effektive – 92% of men regain lost function after 3 months of admission.
  • Maca since is known from ancient times. It has antidepressant  and aphrodisiac properties,  stimulate the production of sex hormones, increases libido. It has a positive effect on erectile function
  • Acupuncture, common in Chinese medicine, also gives very good results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Preventive measures

Preventive measures for the prevention of ED include the care of your own health and the creation of good habits:

  • keeping weight within limits of normal
  • regular exercise or physical activity
  • the inclusion in the ration of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and vitamins
  • regular monitoring of the level of cholesterol and blood sugar
  • renouncement from smoking and drunkenness

Take care of your health and be happy!